Revised Reality
Reality is subject to revision.
- Deepak Chopra

Reality is a selective act of attention and interpretation.
- Dr. David Simon
Adam Brady
Action Strength
Warrior of Light
Welcome to Revised Reality, the official website of Yoga & Meditation teacher, martial artist, and author Adam Brady. As the name suggests, Revised Reality is about changing your reality – your perceptions of the world, your life, who and what you are, and what you are capable of becoming. It is dedicated to a consciousness-based approach to living. It helps answer the questions, Who am I; What do I want; Why am I here; and How can I help and serve the world? The answers to these timeless questions define your view of reality and shape the life you live.

The tools we use to answer these questions have been used throughout history to enlighten those in search of healing, fulfillment, peace, happiness, empowerment, and a deeper understanding of life. Meditation, Yoga, Martial Arts, and Functional Fitness are reliable vehicles for transformation that can bring about a powerful changes in how you experience life. Revised Reality is meant to share knowledge of these timeless wisdom traditions and how you can use them to re-create your life as you see fit.

You didn't come to this page by accident – you are called to be the creator of your own reality, rather than the victim of circumstance, karma or fate. With the knowledge that these arts reveal, you can revise your reality and rewrite the script of your life. The journey waits for you!
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