Straight Blast Warrior JKD
Adam Brady
Action Strength
Warrior of Light
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Straight Blast Warrior JKD is an Orlando, Florida based martial arts training group, an affiliate of the Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association. Specializing in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, or Way of the Intercepting Fist, SBWJKD emphasizes two foundational components in martial arts training, Self-Preservation and Self-Perfection.

Self-Preservation refers to the strategy and tactics necessary to survive and win a fight; whether stand-up striking, grappling, ground fighting, or with weapons. Self-Preservation training provides the most effective, realistic, and direct means to end a physical encounter and escape to safety.

Self-Perfection embodies techniques and training drills for attribute development. Where Self-Preservation focuses on the specific techniques and means to attack or defend, Self-Perfection cultivates the skills and combat-specific attributes that helps one execute the techniques with the greatest efficiency and power. Specific drills and training methods develop strength, timing, coordination, body mechanics, mobility, line-familiarization, sensitivity, situational awareness, endurance, breath control, energy conservation, and emotional content. In addition, through the practice of martial arts a host of mental and spiritual attributes are strengthened, leading to an overall expansion of awareness.*
* (For more information, read The Tao of Enlightened Combat by clicking here.)
SBWJKD's curriculum consists of:

-> The R.A.T., or Rapid Assault Tactics (Navy Seal Fighting System). Utilized by law enforcement agencies worldwide, this combat strategy is the core of our Self-Preservation training.

-> Jun Fan Kickboxing (Bruce Lee's Kickboxing Method). The foundational building blocks of Bruce Lee's art, consisting of the elements of Stance, Footwork, Basic Boxing and Kickboxing (hand tools, kicking tools), Basic Defenses (Head Movement, Hand Defenses, Leg Defenses); Blasting and Trapping Fundamentals.

-> Foundational Ground Fighting Skills (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kinomutai). Fundamentals of closing the distance, clinching, takedowns, positional control, and submissions utilizing joint locks, chokes or asymmetrical warfare tactics (gouging, pinching, biting).

-> Filipino Kali and Escrima. Essential understanding and use of weapons and their unique configurations; single stick, double sticks, two handed weapons, knife, long blade, stick and knife, long staff, flexible weapons. Understanding of weapons ranges, basic strategy, types of strikes, follow-up techniques, disarms.

-> Attribute Drills (Self-Perfection Methodology). Core drills to build weapon and empty hand skills pulled from Kali, Wing Chun, Western Boxing, Thai Boxing, Panatukan, Panajakman, Western Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Action Strength Functional Fitness.

-> Progressive Training Method. The ongoing and consistent building of skills and abilities into a coherent whole; working against ever increasing resistance to become more and more comfortable with high pressure situations; progressively drilling toward sparring and actual combat; transitioning from range to range and blending arts while focusing on breathing and conserving energy.

SBWJKD meets weekly for a 90 minute training session. Each class consists of a warm-up, 20-25 minutes of Action Strength Training, 60 minutes of JKD training, and concludes with 5-10 minutes of yoga breathing (pranayama) and meditation. Training is dynamic and intense while equally fun and lighthearted. Participants are encouraged to do their best and strive for continual improvement while respecting their body's unique point of healthy balance. Safety and health are paramount to lifelong martial art training. All participants must be at least 18 year of age.
If you live in the Orlando area and are interested in exploring how Jeet Kune Do training can unlock your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potential, please feel free to contact Adam Brady at for additional details. We look forward to training with you!