The Path To Stillness
Adam Brady
Action Strength
Warrior of Light
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The Path To Stillness
The Path To Stillness
A Meditator's Guide
Chopra Center Vedic Educator, Certified Meditation, Yoga, Mind-Body Wellness Instructor, and Martial Artist, Adam Brady has been a lifetime seeker of spiritual and transcendent wisdom. A practicing meditator for over two decades, he is the author of Warrior of Light, A Martial Art Fable and over 50 published articles on meditation, yoga, and mind-body health. Adam is dedicated to helping people transform their lives through a consciousness-based approach to living and for over a decade he has been sharing his passion for meditation with hundreds of private and corporate clients, helping them tap into their own potential for stillness, peace, transformation, and healing.
Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we possess for wellness, mental calm, stress management, emotional growth, healthy relationships, the fulfillment of our desires, expanded awareness, and connecting with our true self. In The Path To Stillness, meditation teacher Adam Brady demystifies the theory, experience, and practical applications of meditation practice. Leading the reader through a foundational approach by exploring what meditation is, what its benefits are, and how to do it in a down-to-earth, comfortable, and reliable manner, he provides authentic, first-hand experience as a long-time meditator and teacher that brings the teachings to you, wherever you are. In the recognition that "Anyone can meditate," Adam helps the reader overcome the myths and misconceptions of meditation and lays the groundwork of a successful meditation lifestyle.

This book answers the most common questions to beginning a meditation practice (where should I meditate, how should I sit, how long should I do it, what time of day, what should I expect, what's the difference between mindfulness and meditation, etc.), and so doing, Adam helps each reader feel personally guided in the how-to's of creating a fruitful meditation practice. He also provides the reader with additional tools to help deepen the practice as well as laying the groundwork for what can be expected as a lifetime meditator. The Path to Stillness is must-read for both new and experienced meditators alike and will serve as a reliable go-to guide for anyone wanting to harness meditation's time-tested benefits for health, happiness, and self-transformation.
Praise for The Path To Stillness
"The Path to Stillness is simply the best darn book that I've read on the subject of meditation, period! In it Adam defines what meditation is, how to do it, and most importantly why a person should want to meditate. The book addresses the subject thoroughly and concisely in language that is straightforward and easy to read. It is packed with modern research on the subject and flavored with the ancient philosophy that we associate with contemplative practices. The book is light-hearted and humorous in one moment then deeply profound in the next. A true joy to read! I wish I had it when I started my meditation practice forty years ago."

- John Giancarlo, Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure Therapist, LMT Senior Master Level Martial Arts instructor, Educator, and forty-year practitioner of Japanese and Tibetan meditation

With Adam Brady's real-life experience of transformation via meditation, combined with his rich education and teaching in the field, he is uniquely able to inform and compel a reader toward the profound timeless practice like few others. With a topic that can often be difficult to grasp, the clarity of his writing style, and the way information is presented, makes reading this book especially enjoyable, informative and truly inspiring.

- Amanda Ree, Chopra Certified Vedic Educator & Founder of Sama Dog: Wellbeing for Dogs + Their Humans

On my quest for inner peace and a quiet mind, Adam Brady has been extremely beneficial and helpful as a guide for me. He's made meditation easy to accept and understand and he's been extremely encouraging and supportive along the way. I am grateful for his guidance and continued support.

- Jonathan Burke, Head Coach, Tactical Jiu-Jitsu Instructor at The VI Levels Orlando and Royce Gracie's 1st black belt

Opening this guide is like sitting down with an old friend and having a spiritual retreat from the comfort of wherever you're reading. Adam has successfully transcribed his live training into a tool to be shared broadly. I have leveraged Adam's expertise throughout the years in a corporate wellness setting and have first-handedly seen the positive impact of his training on our employees and business as a whole.

- Sarah Popiel, Wellness Program Manager

I have been blessed to know Adam Brady for nearly the last decade of my martial and meditation career and practice. His knowledge and experience in one arena have led him to new discoveries in the other, and vice versa.

In The Path to Stillness, Adam delivers a text that provides insights that both novice and experienced meditators can turn to. His applications of the philosophy of Jeet Kune Do and its strategic concept of attacking before, during, or after an opponent's movement to dealing with thought gives martial artists looking to deepen their practice an avenue that integrates body and mind. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in developing a meditative practice, and specifically for martial artists.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go practice my mantra; "Om Cherry Cheese Danish"

- JB MuSsang Jaeger, Maryland Jeet Kune Do

The Path to Stillness is an amazingly comprehensive instruction manual for those new to meditation. It includes a thorough presentation of what meditation is and is not, how meditation is different than mindfulness, the mind-body connection, and meditation's physiological effects on the body. Once that foundation is complete, Adam skillfully, simply, and clearly guides the reader through the meditation practice, including suggestions for variations and additions that can deepen the reader's experience. And while the book is so clear, simple, and thorough, Adam's voice is the perfect, gentle guide - encouraging, eloquent, humorous, and wise. You will feel calm just reading this book. He is gentle and assuring, strong and pragmatic, and experienced and confident. You can feel his support of YOUR meditation journey, and you will feel empowered to practice and succeed!

- Melissa Feldman, Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, and Zen Shiatsu Instructor

In The Path to Stillness, those who are new to meditation are left with no choice but to join Adam in his pursuit to physical, emotional and spiritual stillness. With the deftness honoring the education background of his parents, the reader is able to clearly understand the why and how of incorporating a meditation practice into their own lives. This book has been well thought out, is easy to read, AND a must read for those who are looking to experience a more colorful and fulfilling life.

- Laura Giancarlo, Science and Health Educator, Martial Artist, student of mediation and acupressure therapy and Resilience Coach/Mentor in training

I have known Adam for many years and he always exuded calm, and dare I use the word – Zen. Adam has long forged a path of knowing himself in a deeper manner than simply accepting "I am who I am ". While important to know thyself, it is important to want to dig deeper and be more to thyself and the world. To me this is who Adam is – always digging and asking more from himself.

I found Adam's book to be easy to read. I like the layout of his book from the definition of mediation to the benefits and structure of mediation. Adam has created a book that is easy to share with clients because it is easy for the busy individual to review, implement, and if so inclined, further understand the art of meditation and the range of benefits from this practice.

I particularly like how he makes meditation approachable. It is a valuable tool that anyone can access, implement any time, day or night, and it never expires. The mystery has been removed but the value of mediation remains.

Mediation is something I look forward to for it is the one or two times in my day the world stops spinning for a moment and I can just be. Adam's book is clear about the benefits and ease of mediation. I no longer feel guilty about falling asleep if I mediate, I can simply pick up where I left of and just be me.

- Kate Miller, Associate Certified Coach, Executive Coach

Stillness is a superpower! In his book, The Path to Stillness, Adam Brady clearly lays out the foundations of the process of meditation. Everyone has tried meditation, and most have failed. The reason for failure comes down to not having proper guidelines and expectations of the practice. Adam clearly lays out the why's and how's of mediation so that the practitioner can get a clear understanding of the process and benefits gained from a daily practice.

Adam is a master of his craft, never missing a day of meditation in over 22 years. Through his experiences with some of the greats like Deepak Chopra and his study of Martial Arts he has a unique perspective and first-hand knowledge of implementing a successful mediation practice. Finally, you don't have to abandon everything and run away to the top of a mountain to meet a master in a cave who will show you the way. I highly recommend this book; it has functional gems that will transform not only your performance but your life!

- Sifu Harinder Singh
Kung Fu Master, Author, & High-Performance Coach
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